Fifty Images – 4.02

My photographs remind me that there have been moments when I have been truly present in my life.

Looking through them reveals my choices, my treasures and the things that draw me to record my experiences; my ongoing interests and minor obsessions . Wait ’til you see my thing for benches!

Photographs of Art that I have made, literally records my mark upon the world and how I shape the things I perceive. I am fascinated by the way the human form expresses feeling – I go back time and again to explore this. The mannequin below sat on or near my desk until I got brave enough to draw it.



One thought on “Fifty Images – 4.02

  1. oooohh……nice color choices! Owning a mannequin was mandatory in my art school. I used “Dennis” a lot for assignments. He was named after a drawing instructor that I especially liked. Now poor Dennis sits on a shelf with twisted grapevine tendrils wrapped around him and watches me paint. He does a great job at holding grapevine tendrils because they are delicate and would be broken if I stored them with my other stuff. He will be holding them until I decide what I am going to use them for!


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