Fifty Images – 3.0

I once spent an afternoon in a school hall teaching 100 children how to draw  the figure in motion.




It was part of a big Art project I ran to celebrate the Olympic Games. We also made handmade printing plates from cardboard and string. I am still really proud of what those 7-11 year olds produced.

“Art is just tricks” is what I told them – and then I spent a little time explaining the trick of “The Figure” to them – mostly getting them to really look at their bodies; feel how their fingers reached half way down their thighs and notice that they had shoulders and hips.

If I was pleasantly surprised at how well their Art turned out – some of them were bloody amazed – and as I’d made them all draw a figure by themselves, before I taught them – they could see their progress in front of them. Totally putting to the lie, “But I can’t draw, Miss.”

“Course you can, just give me half an hour…”

That is why I love teaching Art.


One thought on “Fifty Images – 3.0

  1. These are wonderful. As I look at the diving one from a distance, I notice that it works as an abstract design using pattern repetition and great color. I know how you feel. I taught art in a latch key program for five years to kids 6-11. Last summer I had a private student who was 10 yrs. old. I started her off with the figure. Her mom was dismayed, thinking I was starting her with something far too difficult. The girl did quite well. Even I was surprised!


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