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Hi, I’m Marie

Welcome to Skyblogpink



Me – in Random Numbers

  • 6,  The age at which I knew I was an Artist

  • 16, How old I was when I knew I couldn’t possibly be an Artist

  • 3, Number of rooms in my house where art materials are kept. (possibly a very conservative estimate)

  • 1993, The year I became a teacher

  • 3 -18, Age range of children I have taught

  • 24, Number of hours in the day I would spend: making Art; gazing at new Art materials; thinking about Art; writing about Art; reading Artists Blogs; Experimenting with new techniques and media, if I wasn’t also busy loving being a teacher

  • 42, The meaning of Life, the Universe, and Everything…

  • 1997, The year my amazing daughter was born

  • 2, Number of cats I own (enough to make life interesting; not enough to be a mad cat lady)

  • 6 Million, my favourite number for exaggeration

  • 6 Million, number of Art books I have read (not that much of an exaggeration)

Art Books

  • 33, Years it took for me to call myself an Artist

Number 1 Mission in life – To give everyone who is willing, the tricks and tools to reclaim their Artistic self and to nurture children’s skill and confidence so that they never lose it.


If you would like to get in touch to discuss a workshop or commission please email me at:


skybluepink1 at mac dot com


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