Art Retreat by the Sea




I wanted to share an idea of our itinerary – as ever, there are really no rules – so join in, or not as you like. And all timings are “ish”!


Arrival Any time after 11.30am on Friday 26th February.


Friday Afternoon – Time to settle in, set up your art things and have a play, go for a wander along the beach : whatever calls to you.

6.30pm – Time to grab a fish and chip supper

8pm – We will share some of our Art Intentions and Ideas for the weekend and then spend the rest of  the evening playing in the Art Room.



 8.30am – Leisurely breakfast

9.30am – Gather for some communal journaling / art journaling.

9.50pm – Opening the circle, creating a space to think about and share our plans and dreams; finding ways to manifest our desires through mutual support and collaboration. Designing strategies for gentle accountability within our Constellation. (Thanks, Moyra)

11.30am – A stroll on the beach to let new ideas percolate – followed by a warm drink watching the sea.

12.30pm – Back to the house for homemade bread and soup – and then… into the Art Room to play; I have something new to play with and will always be available to help with art prompts, bookbinding help etc. Time for a nap? Or check out the Art Library.

7.00pm – A stroll into Felixstowe for supper at Bencotto.

Later – Home for more Arting, or bed, as desired.



9.00am – breakfast

9.30 – Gather for a guided meditation, journaling and then sharing – An artist or workshop you have discovered; a new art technique or juicy Art supply.

10.15 – Time in the Art Studio to work on your projects.

1.00pm – Home made Lunch

2.00pm – More Arting; time on the Beach, Coffee and Ice cream – whatever your soul needs.

3.30pm – Sharing and closing circle.

4.30pm – Time for home



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