Enhanced Artist Easel

As I have been working on larger pieces more recently I thought it would be a good idea to work at my easel. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have a back board and is only really suitable for canvases in its current form. I asked DOH to see what he could make for me in his workshop.



The easel I have is the Windsor & Newton Hamilton Studio Easel.



The cool thing about this easel is it can also be tilted level for painting with watercolour.


DOH disappeared into his workshop and the following is what he did:



Starting with a piece of plywood 760cm x 920cm x 1.8cm. to easily fit A1 size paper.

He drilled down each side and added metal threaded inserts for the attachments.





The first attachment made was the palette wing, for the ‘special’ glass stay wet palette (pyrex tray & dish washing sponges) to sit in. A lid fits on top, to keep the palette wet when not in use.



Next attachment was the water holster, this will sit handily below the palette.

Again, another bracket was fitted for this.








The water jar is a ceramic plant pot in a lovely green colour. I love big water jars.







The wet brush tray attachment was made to fit to the left side of the board. Though, the design of the attachments and brackets means they can be fitted either side, and anywhere on the board.






The wet brush tray is actually an up-cycled old plastic cutlery drawer insert.








Using the flip down toggle clamps that have been screwed to the top of the board, my work can be held directly, or if I fancy, do it the good old fashioned way and tape it to the board.





Here it is, it is all put together (but not constructed) in less than 5 minutes.



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