Art Auction for Syrian Refugees


“There’s a humanitarian crisis in the making and it’s happening on the Greek Islands. Each day, an additional 5,000 – 7,000 refugees arrive, further straining inadequate housing and sanitation facilities, medical supplies and logistics.”

This is a quote from Michel Abdel Malek who is a volunteer  Doctor with Stichting Bootvluchteling a Dutch Charity helping the hundreds of Syrian refugees that arrive on the beaches  everyday.

Catherine Mason of the Velvet Barnacle, invited me to contribute a piece of Art to her online Charity Art Auction for Boat Refugees


Her wonderful idea was to create an online Art Auction in a Facebook Event page. It has attracted a range of well known artists including Orly Avineri and Tamara Laporte.

It was brilliant to be able to help too; so I chose a piece that seemed to fit the nature of the event entitled ‘Free’ it is an acrylic piece on 300gsm mixed media paper. ( 12 x 16 inches.)


Art is not the only thing you can bid for – there is also an Art Retreat in Prague, generously donated by Erin Faith Allen and a place on her year long ‘Life Book’ course donated by Tam Laporte.

So, to purchase an original piece of art or grab yourself a unique Artful Experience please visit the Auction Page at


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