Mysterious Creatures

This June and July, I was lucky enough to take an assignment at Holywell C of E Primary School, to look after a year one/two class whose teacher had fallen ill. As well as literacy, Numeracy and lots of Phonics, I was able to share my passion for Art with them.


Using a little of what I had learned in a fab online course by Micki Wilde, I introduced them to mysterious creatures.

They learned that by using a range of simple shapes to make facial features and bodies they could invent a wide range of weird and wonderful creatures. And it didn’t take them long to grow in confidence and come up with their very own creations.

The joy of Art is that, given a few tricks and tools, amazing things are possible. As was proved by a lovely group of five to seven year olds this Summer.


One thought on “Mysterious Creatures

  1. Hi Marie,
    I’ve enjoyed spending sometime here at Sky blog pink! I love the mysterious creatures and your work with children. Have you heard of Carla Sonheim? She has a fun online class you might find interesting called Blobimals. I hope you keep blogging!


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