Mixed Media Art Demonstration at Tindalls, Cambridge

I spent this Saturday at Tindalls Art Shop in Cambridge demonstrating Mixed Media Art Techniques.

This involved sitting at a table, surrounded by art materials, making Art, and talking to people – a huge hardship! The lovely Jan (store manager) also brought Tea on a regular basis – which was very welcome considering how much talking I was doing!

I focussed on the use of Mediums and Gesso showing how Gesso is great for texture – it will hold the imprint of objects and will work as glue to hold bits of book papers down while half covering and revealing the text – it also works well with bits of fibre. I also demonstrated the pastel and Gesso technique that I have made into a tutorial on this blog.

This is a combination of two demonstrations – the background was made using “Inktense Blocks” – they really produce beautiful vivid translucent colour and are permanent once dry as well. The patch of deep red on the left side of the page and the peach colour at the bottom are made with the same block but at different dilutions.

The top layer shows the flexibility of Gesso: I used it adhere and texturise text and tissue paper; I pressed a stencil into it – then just splodged it and made marks. Its consistency means that it is fab for creating interesting textures.

Another technique that most people enjoyed making an image transfer using Acrylic Medium; several people actually bought some gel before leaving.

I had some really interesting conversations and gave several people the details of the Artist’s Playgroup so we might have a few new faces.  A young girl came along with her Grandma and was fascinated with the possibilities that I showed her with gesso – I cut a quick tree template out of a piece of paper swiped some gesso through it, this was followed with a spritz of spray ink. The result? A colourful 3D christmas tree.

 I think it took about 2 minutes from finding a bit of scrap paper and cutting a quick tree shape out to the final result – the main point was to give a few ideas – and as a largish (1litre) tub of gesso costs less than £13 – it is a lot cheaper than most specialist texture pastes.

Altogether it was a great day – one of the nicest things being that a couple of friends made a special trip to see me – thank you Cheryl and Sharon. I look forward to doing it again.


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