Cambridge Artists’ Playgroup

How can I describe “Cambridge Artists’ Playgroup’? It began a few months ago through the Meetup site. I was looking for a way to get together with some other like-minded folks on a regular basis. Art Workshops are great – but they’re often some distance away, cost money and are over in a day or so. I wanted to build a community in real life.

First I searched on Meetup to see if something was happening already – but no, not with hands on arty stuff. Through another coincidence I found  ‘The Missing Sock’ which turned out to be the perfect venue.

We have the wisdom room on a Wednesday Evening from 7.30pm til late every third week.  It is a no pressure space to play with arty stuff. I plan a theme for each session bring along some products and we try out a few techniques. It’s also a space to work on and share your own projects or some materials if you like.

Last night’s theme was ‘Resistance is Useful!’ (if you are a proper Star Trek fan you will appreciate the reference – if not, oops I’ve just flashed my inner Nerd! 🙂

We were using resist techniques; embossing powders, embossing ink, wax paper, stamping etc.

Partners are welcome – mine is the one taking the photo. When are very lucky another one serenades us on guitar. (Thanks Steve!) Hugh, the owner of The Sock is an excellent host and  even offers free tea and coffee during the evening.

So, if you are in the area and fancy  a Free Workshop/ Playshop let me know.


7 thoughts on “Cambridge Artists’ Playgroup

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  2. Hello Marie,

    I would love to join you – this sounds right up my street. Can you let me know when the next get-together is? (I may be on holiday but I’ll definitely try and come as soon as I can).

    I have a couple of art projects I’ve been meaning to start and this would give me the motivation, plus I’m keen to learn new techniques. I like the idea of a theme.



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