Normal Service will be Resumed…

Interesting day yesterday, DOH had a a bad stomach the day before – attempted to soldier on and then realised he was actually quite poorly.

I told him to go and get checked out – so yesterday AM he did and got sent to A&E for suspected appendicitis. Several xrays and a CT scan later and at about 11pm last night, after I had gone home to be with DD, he went into surgery.

It all went absolutely fine.

Unfortunately they forgot to ring and tell me that all was OK. At 3am I gave in and rang up to see what all the complications were – seeing as a 1/2 hour operation had taken so long. But no, he was fine, back on the ward, probably asleep.

In fact when I got to the hospital, this morning, after a little bit of sleep he was a lot more chipper than me!! We came home at lunchtime – and I’m very glad to have him back.

When this kind of thing happens it really puts what is most important into perspective. I hadn’t exacly forgotten but it’s good to be reminded.


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