Guest Post and WOYWW

Exciting day today. Of course it’s the 100th WOYWW. If you would like to know more  about ‘What’s on Your Workdesk Wednesday,   just pay a visit to Julia at The Stamping Ground.

As you can see my desk is no tidier but the focus is a bit different as I have been using my keyboard a lot more so my blog has been much busier. I have written a guest post about photography which is is up on Lorraine’s blog at The View From Here. My first one ever! We have been working with some other folks who are doing shimelle’s Beyond Blogging for Scrapbookers course. The book is Scott Kelby’s  – The Digital Photography book – where I have been checking some of my facts. It is one of the best books for anyone starting out with a DSLR.

We have been writing about the transition from Point and Shoot to DSLR cameras. My post was the third in the series which will continue until Saturday. We are all talking about our experiences and what we have learned that could help others who are thinking about investing in a new camera. I found so much ground I could have covered that I’m going to come back to it on here once the series has finished. This is the kit I’m using (shared with DOH).

If you are interested in what everything is let me know – I have a pdf of a labelled version of this I can happily share.

It hasn’t just been about the computer – the canvas is one I am still working on – the stars on it are particularly relevant today as DD is about to play the Killer Queen in the local youth drama group Production of ‘We Will Rock You’.

The picture of DD was printed with a laser printer and then hand coloured  so I can do my usual mad mixed media thing with it. The background is collaged, painted and inked.  Just some writing and embellishing left to do!

I might take it with me to the Cambridge Artist’s Playgroup tonight and see what I can get done. Though I have planned to teach folks how to make a simple book form with lots of different kinds of pages. Anyone is welcome and it’s free. Hugh from The Missing Sock  has even been kind enough to offer us free tea and coffee all evening. If you’d like to find out more – this is the first post I wrote about it.

I hope you all have a great day – I’m off to hop around some WOYWW blogs.


13 thoughts on “Guest Post and WOYWW

  1. Very nice canvas! Awesome camera kit there. Sorry I am late getting around this week but I haven’t been feeling well this week! Thanks for sharing. Vickie #36


  2. Love the canvas work, I have a great little camera which does more than I use, it’s a bit like owning a grand piano but it doe’nt mean I know how to play it lol.
    Kathleen x


  3. Fantastic canvas – that’s a serious amount of photographic kit you’ve got there! I wouldn’t know where to begin – I’m just a point and shoot kind of girl – got a fool proof Sony pictbridge which seems to do the job and I’m happy! Hats off to you for knowing how! Elaine #19


  4. I love photography, and have that little camera that sits somewhere between a point and shoot and a proper DSLR. Takes great photos but I really need a superzoom lens for what I do! I love the macro work I can do with mine though. Great image of your daughter!


  5. Sounds like you’re going to have a great the pic of your daughter on that cover, how fab. And OMGee, your camera equipment…no wonder I haven’t made the transition yet!! Your article sounds great, will follow the link.


  6. Great to read about photography too today – as addictive as crafting! Will be checking out your piece later! canvas looking good and oh so cheeky…

    Thanks for sharing your space,

    Sarah at 4


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