WoW! I can’t believe this has come around again so quickly!

Here’s my desk – again full of sprays – bizarrely,  it seems that the messier I am the better thinks look! Which obviously agrees with my general work style!

The piece is one that has been worked on over time and then suddenly came together. Here’s the whole thing!

I hope no one is offended by the slightly rude word – it just seems to have the right strength to match the rest of the Quote. Being a closet perfectionist this quote really speaks to me.

I’ve used sprays in the background, lots of collage scraps and some Portfolio water soluble oil pastels; (oh, how I love them). I’m in a quandary now though – I’m thinking of putting some fine scratchy black lines around the outline of the figure – I just haven’t quite decided! What do you think – all you arty folk out there?

And happy Wednesday – If you are curious about the acronym have a look here and see what all the fun is about!


11 thoughts on “WOYW 99

  1. Hi Marie, finally came out of my jet lag fuzz to hop around a bit. What a lovely blog and lots of beautiful photos and arty stuff. Hoping to try a bit of collage and stuff myself soon!


  2. Fabulous art work juicy colours love it. I like the figure as it is but if you wanted to try outlining why not try it first with a soft pencil which could easily be erased. The painting looks great whatever you decide.


  3. That’s a funky piece there. I don’t do the same sort of art but I think I would like the lines around the figure to give it prominence but I guess it depends on how you were feeling about the piece. Do you want the figure to merge with the background or are you looking for it to make a statement? Thanks for sharing #103


  4. Love the blog! The Missing Sock sounds great. Thanks for taking my survey. Beautiful photos. It definitely looks like spring there. Ours is late in coming, but it looks like we’ve seen the last of the snow.


  5. Thanks for the links. I already follow thekathrynwheel and dyan reaveley. In fact have done classes at Art From The Heart and going next week to do the 3 days with Dina Wakley. I’ve done lots of DIna’s online classes so really looking forward to meeting her.


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