New Beginnings

For a very long time I have been wanting to connect with a community of other artists. I have met some lovely people doing their thing in different media but in geographical locations that are presently out of my reach.

So, finally, I decided. If you can’t find one – make one!

Through the technology of ‘Meetup‘ I have created my own – I am calling it the Artists Playgroup. It is there for anyone happy to get paint under their fingernails- whether you consider yourself a “real” artist or not. And you don’t have to be able to draw. Personally, if I want photo-realism I take a photo.

I’m really excited about it – it is starting small and will hopefully grow gently as we go. There is one other really cool thing about it – the venue.

We will be meeting at “The Missing Sock” at Quy – just outside Cambridge.

As a place it is like no-where else you have ever been – it is essentially a cafe and restaurant. But it is also quirky and it has soul and we will have our own place in the heart of it. Please check out the website as it needs to speak for itself.

So if you would like to join us – we will be meeting on Wednesday 16th March at 7pm at “The Missing Sock”.

Bring a bit of money if you would like to drink or eat and something to put colour on paper and something to stick down. I will bring some bits to share so don’t worry if you don’t!

If you are interested: please get in touch – if you can’t make it this time – I can give you details about our next meetings or you can find us here at “Meetup“.



2 thoughts on “New Beginnings

  1. Hey Marie,

    I am really glad you set up the artist’s playgroup, I very much enjoy coming along every 3 weeks and hanging out with you guys and doing some art. It’s so relaxing and chilled and I completely agree with you, The Missing Sock is a lovely place to be:) I am hoping you are feeling well enough for us to meet up tomorrow, take care:)



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