It’s a bit different on my desk today as I have just started working on a new project.

You may have noticed that a pile of books is occupying most of the space – It is mostly made up of  the cairn that has been accreting (yes that is a real word – and probably the most accurate one for the process that has occurred!!) next to my bed. These are just a few of my collection – which has got so big I broke my bookworm!

It looked very cool at the top of the stairs – I just checked and it would cost £212 to replace it!

What it boils down to is this: I love books. I have always loved books and up until not long ago had a serious fiction habit which has now become a serious  non-fiction Art/ Craft/Creativity addiction.

So I am going to choose a top 20 to begin with and review the books from the artists point of view.  Are there lots of useful techniques?  Are they flexible and transferable? Do the projects have good explanations or is the author just showing us what they have made?

On the whole I am quite careful about researching before I buy but as most of the time these books are too specialist for High Street shops they have to be bought online. .

As for the bird:  it’s a brooch I’ve made using the Tim Holtz, Sizzix Alterations die.

It’s made with sugar frosted felt – my own special recipe – 🙂 though it probably wouldn’t taste too nice.

So I’m off to go through my shelves and decide on a Top 20. If you have a favourite arty book please share – it would be great to know which ones are really rated by people apart from me!!


8 thoughts on “WOYWW 79

  1. You seem to have a fair collection of craft books there. One of my old time favourites is The Creative artist by Nita Leland. I’m into patchwork as well as photography so I have a stack of books full of mouth watering ideas in them and not enough hours in a day.


  2. Just love your little bird. Books – well know the problem. The pile of fiction at the side of my bed gets bigger almost daily and I just hate giving books away.
    Yes it is nice to see another WordPress blog – we are few and far between. Some one said commenting on them was a bit of a pain though as they ask so many questions. They should come and join the elite!
    x Tricia (78)


  3. I had so many books too. Had to take some to Oxfam Book shop so that someone else could enjoy them too, and give to charity at the same time. trouble is I usually end up bringing some home too.

    Hugs Carol x


  4. I knew accreting was a real word, but I had to look up cairn. Thanks for making me a little bit smarter. My creative library isn’t nearly that extensive but I have to admit that I’ve more than 150 books I have yet to read (and will find it hard not to add a few on art journaling now that I’ve seen your stack). S #99


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