Winter Photos and Mixed Media Workshop

I’m back with one of my other loves today – I’ve been swapping between the finishing details for my workshop (more of that later) and playing with photos.

I was asked to do a family photo-shoot to create a some shots worthy of Grandma’s Birthday on Boxing Day. So here are a  few of them –

I’ve also discovered the fun of playing in Photoshop Elements. I love using layers and textures to give photos a different look.

I’ve been experimenting by myself for a while and have just signed up to a free e-course – the button is on the side of my blog – and I’m hoping to learn lots more.

I also love the effect on other photos. I caught this just along the road from our house.

The other exciting thing is my new workshop that will be running in Harston on the A10 outside Cambridge. We’re going to be making a hand bound book using lots of Mixed-Media techniques. I love starting from scratch and producing something lovely from card, paper, paint and ink that you can take the ideas from and then make something of your own that is totally different but equally beautiful. “Everyone an Artist”.


2 thoughts on “Winter Photos and Mixed Media Workshop

  1. Hi Marie
    Thanks for the info regarding the class on Sunday. Sadly I can’t make it this weekend but please do let me know when you do any more as I would love to come.( I think my email should be on this somewhere for you ?)


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