WOYWW, for anyone who doesn’t yet know stands for ‘What’s On Your Workdesk Wednesday’ this is organised by a lovely lady at Stamping Ground and gives us a chance to have a look at what’s going on on other peoples desks all over the place.

Here’s my desk today:

It’s more what I’ve been trying to get done and have been looking at than what I have done: apart from the altered brick!

I think I should make that part of either a question or a challenge – What is the weirdest think you have altered?

Here are a couple of closer shots –

And it’s not just an altered brick it’s an altered Lurrrve brick; as I made for it my Brian for our 3rd anniversary – decorated  with stuff we collected off the beach and with pictures of our excursions to take photos – at the beach!  It is my first attempt at altering  a brick so not quite perfect but it was fun to do.


3 thoughts on “WOYWW 78

  1. A brick is indeed a weird thing to alter, but it looks great. Love the piece with the hands too! Thanks for commenting on my blog. I do love the images of the Octopode factory, but for the time being I still prefer “real” stamps. However, I’m sure I’m going to crack in the end (maybe even in the near future) and start trying digital ones too. #74


  2. Your desk looks remarkably tidy Marie!!! I love your altered brick…it’s beautiful & I’m sure Brian is very proud of it!! I will miss seeing you tonight at Shepreth, but hope to catch you next time, weather permitting!!


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