Letter From America

Yesterday I was a very lucky girl – I got something AMAZING in the post – Portfolios and Shakey Pens (aka Sharpie Poster Paint Pens).

portfolio water soluble oil pastels, sharpie poster paint pens

Both of these are extremely hard to get hold of for UK Art Journallers I didn’t even know about them until I did a course at Art From the Heart with Dina Wakley. She introduced us to them and then kindly offered to ship them over for us. I was just a bit excited when they arrived!!!

Portfolios are water soluble oil pastels which means that they come in vivid colours; are great to smoosh and blend and also will act like water colours when wetted with a paint brush.

Poster paint pens will write over anything (just make sure the paint is dry – cos wet paint kills!!) The ink/ paint is wonderfully dense.

It does seem a bit mean to tell you all about them – lovely uk reader – when it’s so hard to get hold of them. Though I think I can probably hear squeals of excitement from across the country from the other workshop goers as they get their  packages too!  I just wanted to publicly express my gratitude. Thanks Dina.


2 thoughts on “Letter From America

  1. Hi there Marie, Thanks so much for visiting my blog and leaving a lovely comment today. Glad you liked your Craft Stamper this month.
    I’ve had a browse through your blog – loving your hand bound journals 🙂
    Kate x


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