As ever another messy desk but a busy one. I’ve been bookmaking again today – but bigger!  Fighting the blank page demons; I decided to make my own Art Journal. It means I’ve used all sorts of bits of paper that were lying around including a photo taken and printed by Brian – some paper I decorated myself – a few  scrap-booking papers and a bit of board left over from another project.

I’ve used some papercloth I made a while ago to cover it and at some point I’m going to add more decoration. Because the papers come in different colours as do the hinges – there is already a stripy look happening on each spread; which I love. So I can either use that as inspiration – or gesso over the top. And as I’ve used hinges it means there are natural spacers between the pages and  I can make my journalling as lumpy and bumpy as I like!! Here are a few closer shots – I love the chain stitch effect you get with coptic binding.

A couple of pictures of the inside pages.

The one above was a quick print of one of Brian’s photos – I like the way it looks spread over two pages.

If anyone would like more details about how it was done – let me know – or if you’d like me to make a bespoke Art Journal for you.  I now just need to fill this one!


10 thoughts on “WOYWW 77

  1. Amazing binding! Now I can see the ‘chain link’ thing you were talking about at the workshop! It looks so professional & I love how you split that photo over two pages…just fabulous altogether!


  2. Love your book! How fun is this? My husband has a Harley, I just showed him the pic and he loved it! I would say “we” ride, but we have two little ones and it’s quite difficult for us to get out together! Happy WOYWW! #104


  3. Those orangey colours are so vibrant. I used to love bikes, we had a superbike – Honda CBR 600 – but we are both too old for that now ‘cos I hate the comfy bikes like Honda Goldwings. I do love the speed tho’. Not much of woyww to enjoy left, but do your best. (13)


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