First WOYWW!

This is my first attempt at WOYWW and the more I look at it – the more I see how representative it is of my recent and current – existence. I’ve been spending most of my time here lately – No heating or hot water and one oil filled radiator can do that to a girl. (this is the warmest place in the house right now!) Hence two phones – in case of calls from plumbers.

One a much more positive note – there is a bag filled with lovely bits of rusty metal, driftwood and a couple of (very clean and unsmelly) fish skulls – the bone almost looks like mother of pearl. Its waiting until I get a few minutes to put it into some kind of shadowbox arrangement along with some photos we took on our day at Dungeness.

There are a couple of projects – one a simple(ish) alteration of a paperchase notebook and the other a waxed book that we made from scratch at a workshop I ran at the weekend. It did turn out to be more of a craft bootcamp than a gentle day of paper-crafts but I did want to pack in as much technique as I could. They were a fab group of ladies and I had a fantastic time – I hope they did too! It is a Very Messy Desk – it gets repeatedly tidied but just goes back to its bad old ways ๐Ÿ™‚

Normally my almost full set of Distress Inks would be on there; but they’re still in the box from the weekend – just as well – I’m not sure where I’d put them!!!


8 thoughts on “First WOYWW!

  1. Oh but it’s not a desk that will take hours to tidy off withr – unlike mine which had to go right back to bare and took me nearly an hour to just put stuff away!! Aggh! Love the idea of the boot camp – don’t expect your gals felt like it was at all – the book looks great.
    AND good luck with hte plumbers. Misery.


  2. Ooh I know where you are coming from with your heating problems…just got ours fixed on Tuesday – it’s great to wake in the warm instead of the freezing cold!!! Hope you get it sorted soon…yours notebooks on the table look fab…xxx


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