Just a bit crap really!

I have been meaning to get on with this blog for such a long time now after an unfortunate experience with disappearing photos put me off. But – I’ve been a bit crap really. I have new pictures all ready as I decided to go back and catch up on the time between posts which turned into a bigger and scarier prospect. So a lovely evening with 6 other women doing crafty things – who all have blogs and actually WRITE in them has spurred me on. Its not like I’ve had nothing to write about after all!

Firstly we had a great few days away in Felixstowe. We stay at my family’s house there close to the beach and the moment you walk through the door you breath deep and r..e..l..a..x. It wasn’t quite dawn; but we got up early and went for a walk along the beach and I managed to get this shot.

I also got this using my telephoto lens and with a bit of messing about in iphoto.

We were lucky enough to be visited by our lovely friends Lesley and Eleanor – Eleanor is now off at Uni in Leeds.

Even though I have been going to Felixstowe for years we had never gone over to Bawdsey Island on the Ferry before. And considering it takes only three minutes it was about time we did so off we all went for a lovely drink at a cafe by the sailing club – Lesley experimented with Dandelion and Burdock – and then got a coffee!!! (Well it does taste somewhat peculiar!!)

We had a walk along the beach and than sat and chatted – while chatting I took some photos of the girls – I liked the way this one turned out.

I read somewhere recently that the best people photos are about relationship and I’m trying to bear that in mind along with “don’t leave your EV compensation set a -2, stoopid!”.

On the way down to Felixstowe the weather and light was amazing and we had a rainbow ahead of us most of the way – so we behaved like ‘real’ photographers and stopped to try and capture it.

I love the colour of the sky.

I still have more to catch up on but it doesn’t feel so scary now – so thank you very much ladies at Nina’s – you know who you are – I will be checking you out once I have taken my poor clotheless child shopping. Primani here we come!


2 thoughts on “Just a bit crap really!

  1. Hi there! Great to meet you last week…can’t wait for next time I can make it. Blog looks great…love the pics especially the beach huts and the greay sky. Keep writing! Moira x


  2. Glad we spurred you on to blog again.As I said its a great way to use your photos and get some photography worked on.
    Glad you liked my home.Its been a long three years project.i’m looking forward to having me time for crafting again.


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