Art Obsessions, Texture Tools and Polite Kittens.

We popped out today , DD, DOH and I. (Dear Other Half – if you were wondering: we’re not married and luckily he has an excellent sense of humour as well as a very educated fondness for Beer) We were supposed to be cooker shopping – (not that interesting to me! I am not a bad cook but kind of lost interest amongst the daily necessity for food for just me and DD for quite a long time.) Ours broke  – the main oven will not switch on because I cleaned the cooker too enthusiastically and water got into the timer! Ironic really , because clean and enthusiastic are not words that often come close together in my vocabulary!

Anyway we had to go past a few other places – where I managed to find – in my mind- lots of much more interesting uses for plasterboard tape (dry wall tape – us version – though I don’t see why I should make it easy for you guys – you won’t sell Portfolio Pastels here or Sharpie Posterpaint Pens!! ;_) ) – great texture and a lot cheaper than magic mesh. As well as Habitat –  star fridge magnets – put a baking tin behind a page for excellent non slip masks – no glue necessary: and silicon muffin case holders – perfect for UTEE or Resin embellishments!!!

We then looked at cookers  IRL before we came home to order one from the web for about £150 less!  This was so exhausting that we then had to go for a Star Bucks fix. DOH had a lemon Frappachino – which was nice – more refreshing – than my Mocha so he kindly offered me a few sips as he got to the bottom of the cup. It was only after 5 minutes that I noticed I was more interested in the pattern of holes I was making in the remaining ice than particularly drinking the frappachino…

Is there some kind of 12 Step Program for people like me? (Answer on a postcard please…)

Yesterday I mentioned that my Workshop with Dina Wakley had inspired me to make the texture adding a little easier (for cack-handed me) and this is what I came up with –

It’s only bubble wrap and mesh tape stuck onto card and backed with some block board DOH kindly cut for me but it works pretty well – I’ve tried it out on here so far – It’s still in it’s early stages and I’m thinking what to do next –


Finally – Polite Kittens. Minou really likes to get involved in my art – either drinking from the water pot, chewing my supplies ( just to check I’m using the right ones) or having a nap under the lights.



The thing is I like to stand to work so my desk is a long way off the ground  for  a 12 week old. So she has taken to launching herself at the back of my legs and digging her (VERY sharp) claws into the back of my Jeans to climb up. So now I am saying “OW” loudly , detaching her and then encouraging her to “Meow” to be picked up! Yes I know she’s a cat… I’ll let you know how I get on…





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