Got my Wellies on…

It’s time to jump in – me and my fluffy young assistant. I have let perfectionitus hold  me back quite long enough – this will have to be work in progress until I get the hang of it…

This is Minou – who alternates between pulling the typing fingers from the keyboard and sleeping in the little workspace I have left.

Me I am 43: consumed by ART. Doing it, Planning it, Reading about it, Learning More about it, Teaching it…

I was lucky enough to spend a couple of days at a Dina Wakley Workshop last week, lots of inspiration and LOTS of layers this is one  of the pictures I came up with using Betty as both a mask and stencil!

I’ve got into layering so much that with I’ve made myself a couple of texture tools too. I’ll share those later!

Phew, first blog done, not soo scary after all…


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